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Research: Grade 5 students

In 2011 Dr. Annette Martins conducted a test on a Grade 5 class in special education. The 19 students were assessed by an independent occupational therapist in their reading and comprehension skills as well as mathematics.

Dr. Martins then assessed the students' Genetic Brain Profile and gave the teacher some pointers on how to handle each student, including:

- concentrating on spelling and reading with the left eye dominant children

- eye exercises

- extra work and rewards for certain profiles

- working on self confidence of left ear dominant children

- signing up certain profiles for drama classes

After 3 months the occupational therapist retested the student's reading, comprehension and mathematics skills and the results were staggering:

Every single student in that class improved. The first bars in each chart are their initial scores and the second bars are their scores after suggestions were implemented.

Whether the interventions helped the children or the fact that each of them was given special attention according to their genetic brain profiles can only be speculated upon.

The fact is that knowledge of a student's genetic brain profile and handling them accordingly improves a child's academic performance.

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