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I reviewed your assessment on Saien over the weekend.  This is information that all parents and teachers should have to better understand their children and assist them on their path in a more responsible way.
Thank you for the light you have brought to my son's life. I believe Saien has a very special purpose to serve in this world, and I trust he will use the knowledge you shared with him to make the right decisions on his chosen path.

- Jesse Naidoo

When I initially received your report in 2000, I thought it was amazing. But now, looking back 10 years and re-reading your report and refreshing my memory, I can truly say that taking Garth to you to be tested is one of the best decisions I made regarding my son. All I can say to other moms is trust and accept the results and implement recommendations and you will understand and handle your child so much better.

- Reinette Harris

I have to share my very exciting news with you and say THANK YOU so very, very much for your help!


Tristan received his report yesterday for Term 3 and got a 72% average. His maths has improved by nearly 20% because of his extra maths lessons. He got 100% for Zulu which is also awesome! I have been using the method you explained to me.

- Mrs. S

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