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Multiple Intelligences

Traditional IQ tests don't measure how smart you are. Rather, it measures how strong you are academically in certain aspects. It is also a very unfair measurement for non-Westerners. Imagine a child who has attended school under a tree in the middle of the bushveld for all of his life. There are no chairs or tables, just a few books and a teacher who is trying her best.

Now ask this child to do an IQ test. How do you think will he be able to distinguish between a sailboat, an oil freighter, and a cruise ship? He has never even seen a large body of water, much less the ocean. How will he know the difference?

A traditional IQ test will not reflect this child's true intellect.

It's not about how smart you are, but how you are smart. This is why the multiple intelligences are so important and why we focus on those in Genetic Brain Profiling and not traditional IQ tests.

Here is an infographic that explains all the intelligences:

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