Effective studying for tots to teens

Hello Everyone,

The topic that dominated conversation in early January was the poor results for the 2009 National Senior Certificate (the replacement for the matric examinations). In educational circles, there was vigorous discussion regarding where the blame should lie:

  • Some blame teachers for not teaching properly

  • Other blame parents for not parenting properly

  • Many blame the students themselves, for not preparing effectively

  • Yet others blame the syllabus....

The list goes on, and it is quite possible that many of these are contributing factors in some cases. But we are not here to play the “blame game”. My team and I are here to help.

As parents, many of the factors mentioned above are out of your control. You work hard to send your children to the best schools that you can afford, and in the limited time you have after work, many of you sit with your children to help them with homework. Yet in some cases, this still does not seem to be enough! So what else can you do to help your child improve his/her academic results? Effective studying is a skill that can be learnt, just like reading and writing. In a recent conversation, one of our parents told me that although his daughter is not the brightest child in her class, she is regularly placed among the Top 5 students. Her secret? She diligently uses the study methods that she was taught in our study skills course. This brings us back to Edison, who told us so many years ago that doing well is not a matter of intelligence alone but that hard work is also an important factor in the success equation. Children should be taught proper study methods in their Grade 4 year. It is in this year that children really