Easy Low GI Flapjacks

Getting a student to eat anything besides chips, sweets and cooldrink when studying can be a challenge. As is spending hours in the kitchen preparing interesting, healthy alternatives!

And then there is the question of what is "healthy" anyway - with all the health articles making its rounds on the internet nowadays. Clean eating, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, ketogenic, high protein... the list goes on!

Well, that's precisely why I asked a registered dietician.

The best all round diet is eating low glycemic index foods. This means that the food is slowly broken down into sugars that the brain needs in order to function properly. Eating sweets releases these sugars too quickly and we end up with blood sugar spikes which makes us even more tired!

By eating low GI, the blood sugar levels are kept more consistent and it makes us feel fuller for longer which, in turn, helps prevent over eating.

So what does that mean for study snacks?

Dieticians recommend drinking lots of water while studying and snacking minimally.