Career Spotlight: Accounting

Studying in the field of accounting can provide a very rewarding career, as there are so many choices in the Financial Sector. Accounting is a field that will always be in demand and once you have completed your basic accounting qualification, the possibilities are endless.

Almost every business requires an accountant and you could work in any sector, anywhere in the world. There is also a very good opportunity to set up as an independent sole practitioner, owning your own business.

Accounting is not a boring office job in itself, but it does require a lot of administrative skills which are sometimes associated with a boring job. At Edu-Profile we will recommend a career in accounting to the more structured brain profiles with a dominant right eye which is strong in seeing detail.

The following attributes are essential if you are considering to study in this direction:

  • Good with numbers and mathematics

  • Methodical and analytical

  • Neat

  • Accurate

  • Able to concentrate for long periods at a time

  • Intelligent and logical

  • Computer literate