Which Disney Princess are you?

Every little girl dreams of being a Disney princess and everyone has their own favourite. Luckily the princesses agreed to have their Genetic Brain Profiles done and I am very happy to share their profiles with you. Have a look: which princess is most like you?


Snow White has a left brain which explains why she is so surprised by the dwarfs' untidy and dirty house. She cleans it and tidies up while delegating jobs to the woodland animals who helps her with this task. She enjoys cleaning and organising and doesn't find it tedious.

Because of her dominant right hand, she does her tasks the way she has always done them. She also teaches the animals how to do it correctly.

She has a vivid imagination because of her left eye and is scared by everything she sees in the forest when she runs away from the huntsman who told her that the Queen wants her dead.

She also enjoys seeing the happy dwarfs when they find their house clean and delicious soup cooking in the fireplace. When they leave for work, she kisses each one on their heads, showing affection the way she likes to see it.

She does not tolerate excuses for the dwarfs' dirty hands before dinner, telling them to wash up before they can eat which is characteristic of her right ear and her left brain.

Of course, she loves dancing and singing and her left foot makes her a good dancer.