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Which Disney Princess are you?

Every little girl dreams of being a Disney princess and everyone has their own favourite. Luckily the princesses agreed to have their Genetic Brain Profiles done and I am very happy to share their profiles with you. Have a look: which princess is most like you?


Snow White has a left brain which explains why she is so surprised by the dwarfs' untidy and dirty house. She cleans it and tidies up while delegating jobs to the woodland animals who helps her with this task. She enjoys cleaning and organising and doesn't find it tedious.

Because of her dominant right hand, she does her tasks the way she has always done them. She also teaches the animals how to do it correctly.

She has a vivid imagination because of her left eye and is scared by everything she sees in the forest when she runs away from the huntsman who told her that the Queen wants her dead.

She also enjoys seeing the happy dwarfs when they find their house clean and delicious soup cooking in the fireplace. When they leave for work, she kisses each one on their heads, showing affection the way she likes to see it.

She does not tolerate excuses for the dwarfs' dirty hands before dinner, telling them to wash up before they can eat which is characteristic of her right ear and her left brain.

Of course, she loves dancing and singing and her left foot makes her a good dancer.

Her sub-profile is Emotional which explains why she enjoys talking to animals so much while there is a lack of humans to make small talk with. She is a hopeless romantic and experiences the world more emotionally than her main profile would suggest.


Cinderella is a kind an gentle soul because of her sensitive left eye and ear. She endures many years of abuse and manipulation, but she does her work with pride and never gets upset with her fate.

She adores animals and helps them any way she can - providing clothes and names to the mice, releasing mice from traps and becoming their friend, giving them food and protecting them from the vicious cat. She cannot bare seeing any of them hurt, hungry or alone, which is so typical of a dominant left eye.

She has a natural musical talent (left ear) and sings scores better than her two awful stepsisters, even though they get daily music lessons and Cinderella never does. She also has a sense of humour that helps her through her circumstances.

Her steady left brain and routine right hand helps her with her numerous tasks in and out of the house, cleaning and organising and following every order that is given to her.

Her sub-profile is Receptive which explains why she is so quiet and reserved. She doesn't talk much, even to the prince when she meets him at the ball.


Aurora doesn't follow orders precisely - when the fairies send her berry picking, she strolls and wanders through the forrest, talking about her dreams with the animals, a typical creative and rebellious right brain.

She has a magical singing voice, thanks to the fairy's gift of song, which happens to be the gift of the left ear as well! She loves talking to the animals and singing wile she is alone in the forrest.

Not having met many humans in her life, she dreams of falling in love and dancing with her "prince". Her left foot gracefully twirls through the forrest.

Her sub-profile is Receptive which explains why she was trying to run away from the prince when she met him in the forrest. She was quite happy to be on her own, alone and she is soft spoken when she does speak.


Ariel is a real rebel, even though she is kind-hearted. She doesn't want to conform to her father's wishes and, typical right brain, she deliberately disobeys him by delving deeper into the forbidden human world.

She lets her heart guide her instead of logic and reason.

Because of her left eye she loves pretty things and she daydreams constantly about a world that is not hers.

Her right ear makes her an impatient listener and she'll frequently stop listening to Sebastian or her father, just turning around and swimming away.

Her sub-profile is Expressive - she doesn't mind voicing her opinion, even if it gets her into trouble or if someone disagrees with her. She is a strong girl, believing that she is grown-up at the age of sixteen and she knows better than her father.


Belle loves books and reading, making the best of her structured left brain. She is logical and strives to be educated. She knows that a intelligence is more important that looks.

She isn't concerned with the physical beauty of Gaston as all the other girls are, because her right eye likes detail and facts. She also isn't scared of the Beast like a left eye would've been and right eyes are good readers.

She puts her father's freedom and health before herself, showing the compassion of a sensitive left ear. She also listens to the Beast and sees the beauty within, instead of the scary exterior.

It is also no surprise that she is musical.

Her sub-profile is Expressive, standing up for her own rights. She doesn't want to marry the most eligible bachelor in town, Gaston, and she tells him as much. In a world where women are illiterate and are only good for keeping house, Belle learns to read and goes through great lengths to find new books.

She has a strong personality and doesn't let the Beast overpower her, instead she shows compassion to her captor and even falls in love with him despite his looks.


Jasmine is another right brained rebel, not wishing to do what her father and the law tell her to (marry a prince by her next birthday). Instead, she seeks excitement and adventure, running away from the palace.

Her agile left foot helps her keep up with the "street rat", Aladdin, who she meets at the market during her walkabout.

She shows compassion towards the less fortunate and gives hungry kids an apple so they won't starve. Her sensitive eye cannot bare seeing people in distress, and the hungry street kids really upsets her, compelling her to help.

She falls in love with Aladdin, because he feels just like her and he understands how she feels, even though their worlds are so different. Until then, she has felt like nobody understands her and she wasn't free do do anything, a common feeling for right brains who are trapped in a structured environment.

Her sub-profile is Expressive, which explains why she doesn't mind standing up to her father and fighting for her rights.


Pocahontas is a free spirit who doesn't like to be told what to do. She roams around the forrest, is adventurous and doesn't care for settling down. That's her creative and rebellious right brain talking, of course. The idea of marrying Kokoum, a serious left brain warrior, didn't appeal to her at all - she saw a life with him as boring and traditional.

Due to her left eye her dreams are very important to her and she also dreams while she is awake. She also has a very vivid imagination.

Her impatient right ear ignores everyone who tells her to settle down, to choose a steady path, to settle down. She simply interrupts them or runs away, making her look like she won the argument or conversation.

Her sub-profile is Expressive - as the other expressive princesses, she stands up for her rights, she voices her opinion and she even saves an Englishman by standing up to her own father whom she greatly respects. She is also mad at John Smith for calling her and her people "savages" and she tells him exactly what she thinks of his opinion.


​Mulan is the epitome of rebellion. She risks her life and her family's honour to sign up for the army in her elderly father. She has a strong sense of fairness and she felt that her father having to go to war in his condition was completely unfair, as was her fate of being a woman. Women were only good for being wives in Mulan's time and she thought that it was very unfair to be judged like that based on your gender.

She doesn't conform to the traditional expectations of women and she finds herself in an accidental leadership position in an army of outcasts. Even though she has trouble dealing with stress, she steps up and fights like a man, leading her soldiers to victory.

She isn't your typical kind and gentle princess, she is a strong woman who doesn't care about the rules and doesn't care what people think about her. She is detail oriented and a perfectionist.

Her sub-profile is Receptive. Even though she isn't sensitive by nature, she does have a softer side and she is quite happy to be on her own, especially since she doesn't seem to fit in anywhere.


Rapunzel is creative and has many talents, often doing more than one things at a time, typical of a right brain. She longs for adventure, but is confined to the tower for many years.

One of the reasons she never tried to escape before, is because of her sensitive left eye and ear. Gothel has been manipulating her since she was a baby and the stories of ruffians, thugs, the plague and men with pointy teeth freaked her out enough to not try to disobey.

Because of her left eye she has an artistic talent - painting, sewing, making candles and baking. She also doesn't want to cause harm to anyone. Have you noticed that she closes her eyes when she strikes Flynn Rider? She only hits him with the frying pan because she is desperate and feels like her life is in danger.

Her left ear makes her musical, humorous, and a patient listener who has trouble saying no to people and makes her prone to manipulation.

She loves dancing and it's no wonder because of her agile left foot.

Her sub-profile is Expressive, because even though she is hyper sensitive, she can stand up for herself. Once she is in the woods, she realises that Gothel wasn't as truthful about her depiction of the world and she can confidently say "no" to going back to the tower in contrast with immediately caving in. When she realises that Gothel has been lying to her her entire life, she fights with everything in her.


Merida is a rebel to the core. Even her hair won't conform to the mould her parents want to push her in! She is adventurous, impulsive and stubborn, showcasing her right brain. She doesn't want to be labelled and she hates being forced to be anything other than herself. She finds her mother's expectations of a "proper princess" tedious and boring.

She is an excellent shot with the bow and arrow and also an outstanding swordsman which is not surprising due to her natural hand-eye-foot coordination (they are all right).

Because of her right eye and ear, she can be insensitive and doesn't care what people think of her.It doesn't bother her that her mother sees her as an unruly tomboy.

Her sub-profile is Expressive which is evident in the way she stands up to her mother and continues to be the rebel she is. She voices her own opinion and stands up for herself, no matter what other people think.

She is a very strong girl and the unfairness of who she is expected to be versus who she wants to be doesn't escape her at all.


Anna is a likeable, naive girl who craves people around her but never gets the chance. She is creative, thinks out of the box and she bores easily thanks to her right brain.

She has a wild imagination due to her left eye and she daydreams about the day she will get to go through the gates, imagining what she will find on the other side and who she will meet.

She is quite clumsy with her unstructured left foot and she loves dancing too.

She isn't a very good listener due to her right ear and often interrupts other people.

She is a hopeless romantic and her Emotional sub-profile comes as no surprise. She talks a lot and loves to be around people. It's not difficult to describe her as a drama queen, albeit a likeable one!


Elsa is left brain dominant and it becomes evident in the way she tries to control her powers. It frustrates her that her powers are so erratic and unpredictable.

She loves her sister very much and it shook her to the core when she accidentally struck Anna. Her sensitive left eye doesn't like seeing people in pain and it was so terrible for her that she hurt her sister, that she rather ignored Anna for many years than to see her hurt again.

Elsa can easily interrupt others when she isn't interested in what they have to say, as she did with Hans when they met, typical of a right ear.

Her sub-profile is Receptive - even though it wasn't easy to ignore her sister for all those years, it never bothered her to be alone. When she finally built her castle in the North Mountain, she was happy to be alone and didn't mind never seeing other people again. That is partly due to her reserved personality, but also her left eye who doesn't want to see other people hurt by her ever again.


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