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The Subject Choice Puzzle

In grade 9 it is always stressful to chose suitable subjects for the last few years of school. It's not just about choosing subjects, it's about choosing the right subjects for your future career. This is a tall order for a 15-year-old who is still wondering what path to take in life.

Many students feel like they have no idea of what they want to do in terms of a career after school and even those who have an idea are not sure if their choice is the right one, if they will change their mind, or can't decide between a few options. The most important part of choosing subjects is not to block your path to a potential study field.

For instance, if you are considering a career in health care, you will need life sciences, physical sciences and mathematics and if you leave one of them out, you are blocking your path towards health care. Of course, if your marks in one of these subjects are poor and you know for a fact that you won't be able to do well in them, then health care won't be a good choice for you anyway and it will be more beneficial to choose a different path in life and choose subjects that you will do better in while still keeping your options open for a variety of career paths.

It is always the best practice to choose subjects that will give you university exemplary, even if you are not currently considering tertiary study - you might change your mind later and then you're stuck! You will also need minimum required marks in certain subjects to be admitted to university or other tertiary study programs. Let's have a look at those requirements:

Minimum requirements for receiving your NSC Certificate (Matric):

You have to have 7 subjects:

Compulsory subjects

  • Home Language

  • First Additional Official Language

  • Mathematics OR Mathematical Literacy

  • Life Orientation

Approved Additional Subjects

  • Accounting

  • *Agricultural Management Practices

  • Agricultural Sciences

  • Business Studies

  • *Civil Technology

  • *Computer Applications Technology

  • Dance Studies

  • Dramatic Arts

  • Economics

  • *Electrical Technology

  • Engineering Graphics and Design

  • Geography

  • History

  • *Hospitality Studies

  • *Information Technology

  • Consumer Studies

  • Information Technology

  • Languages (max 2)

  • Life Sciences

  • *Mechanical Technology

  • Music

  • Physical Sciences

  • Religion studies

  • *Tourism

  • Visual Arts

You have to receive 40% in 3 subjects, one of which must be an official South African language on home level, as well as 30% in 3 subjects.

University of Technology

If you'd like to study at a University of Technology after school, there are some additional requirements:

  • 40% in an official South African language at home level

  • 40% for Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy

  • 50% for Life Orientation

  • 40% in TWO approved additional subjects


For studying at a University you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • 50% in an official South African language at home level

  • 50% for Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy

  • 50% for Life Orientation

  • 50% in TWO approved additional subjects, except those marked with an asterisk (*) above which do not count towards university exemption.

Hopefully this helps you to make an informed decision, but if you are still worried and confused, don't despair - we can help! Contact your nearest Edu-Profilogist® for a consultation and peace of mind with a bright future.


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