To concentrate or to... {answer the phone}...

I sat down to write our monthly newsletter a few days ago, and as I was doing so I began to think about the topic of concentration. Why is it so easy to focus on some occasions, while at other times it seems to require a huge mental effort?

As I was starting to put words on the paper, my cell phone rang as a client called me to make an appointment. While I was talking to her, one of my friends sent me a message on Skype which I started typing a response to, then I switched to my calendar to check my availability for my client. I hung up the phone then noticed that I had received emails that looked interesting so I opened them and read them, and then finished responding to my friend on Skype. After that I returned to my very blank document that was supposed to be the newsletter for this month, and wondered what it was that I had wanted to say. While I was racking my brain for the interesting information I had intended to write for you, my friend came back with her answer, and my email notification came up again, so of course I had to respond.... whew! Is it any wonder that my article was not taking shape?

John Medina, the author of Brain Rules (Pear Press) points out that it is actually a myth that we can