Career Spotlight: Real Estate Agent

This week's Career Spotlight focusses on becoming a real estate agent and what you need to pursue it as a career.

The property industry has become more professional in recent years and to make the conscious decision to become an estate agent as a career has become a viable option.

The industry has put measures in place to ensure that the conduct of the Estate Agent (EA) is professional and that they operate with integrity.

The school subjects are not restrictive in any way, but a matric qualification is essential. There are no barriers to entry to become an agent, but you have to complete formal training.

From a Genetic Brain Profile perspective we believe that your personality is what will make you successful in this industry. You have to love working with people, but also understand that 70% of an agent’s day is admin driven. You have to be able to work independently without anyone having to look over your shoulder. You should be a self-motivator!

A typical week in the life of an agent will entail the following:

  • Attending weekly meetings

  • Cold calling to canvass for listings.

  • Managing your diary well to ensure appointments are kept.

  • Going out to list new properties.

  • Advertising the properties on the internet.

  • Taking buyers to view properties – possibly after 17:00 at night.

  • Show houses or open hours.