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Livescribe Echo Smartpen

Give your academic performance a boost with notes that you can use! Without having to write much, this special smartpen will record your entire lesson on lecture. It gives you a second set of ears in class, especially when you have difficulty paying attention in class for whatever reason.

Watch this video to see how it works:

Why we recommend this pen

Teachers and lecturers say things once and if you missed it, you missed it. But not with the Echo Smartpen. You can finish your notes at home and have your summaries and mind maps ready for revision during exam time.

This pen is also unique in the way it records. Unlike traditional recorders you won't have to listen through the entire lesson to find that section that you missed or unsure about. Simply press on your notes on the section that you want to listen to again and the pen will play back that part of the lesson.


We recommend this pen for all learners and students, but especially those with any of the following dominant modalities in their genetic brain profile:

Right Brain

Your right brain shuts down as soon as you are irritated, frustrated, or bored and therefore you cannot store information in your long term memory during that time. Since you find school boring to begin with, taking notes is vital to help you perform well academically.

Left Eye

You are distracted by movement and you are prone to daydreaming. When you are distracted you will daze off and miss the lesson. Taking notes is vital to keeping your attention to the lesson. By having it recorded you can always go back and listen to the sections where your mind was absent from the lesson.

Right Ear

You stop listening when people become longwinded. This is especially a problem in class. Under normal circumstances, you understand very well if something is explained well and if you pay attention. When you take notes you will improve your listenening skills by keeping your attention to what is being said. The Echo Pen will record the lesson so that you can go back to the sections of the lesson where you "zoned out".

Left Ear

You hear things emotionally instead of factually, in other words you listen to how things are said and not what is said. This can be a problem in class when a teacher is moving through the lesson too fast, if the class is noisy and if the teacher has a loud or shrill voice. All of these will cause stress for you and prevent you from listening properly or understanding. If you took notes with the Echo pen, you can listen to the lesson again at home and be sure that you fully understand it.

This is truly a remarkable tool for high school and post secondary school students. If you are doing eveything right and still can't get those marks up, this is the tool for you!

If you need help with taking notes and study skills, we can help you with that as well. Contact us for a consultant near you.

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