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Summer Holiday Fun for the Family

Hello Everyone

Summer holidays are here, and after a whirlwind year we're all breathing a collective sigh of relief at the thought of a few weeks without the pressure of work, traffic and school. Picture it: no sports events to attend on Saturday mornings, no rush to collect kids from school, and the pressure to make sure homework gets done after school is lifted - what bliss! The first two weeks of the holidays are great as everyone unwinds. Mom and Dad are delighted that they're not stuck in traffic and the kids are ecstatic because they can sleep in, spend time with friends and relax after a stressful academic year... Then the boredom sets in. The kids want to be taken to movies, visit adventure parks, go to restaurants or spend time at the mall with their friends, and the costs start mounting. Suddenly the school lift club seems like a less stressful (and more affordable) option. What happened to the fun-filled holiday? In our August newsletter we talked about the power of play. We discussed the importance of encouraging our children to explore the world around them. Many parents underestimate the importance of spending time with their children. Children, especially pre-teens, crave quality time with their parents. If you are on leave over the December holiday period, think of it as a perfect time to have fun and reconnect with your family. Here are some tried and recommended family activities that parents have shared with us :

Fun in the sun

  • Get the kids to prepare a picnic basket and visit to the local park or botanical gardens for an afternoon. Help the kids to bake or cook a few goodies for the picnic- baking is a great way to learn about quantities, weights and measuring. This website has some great recipes for budding Jamies and Nigellas

  • Don't forget to pack a ball or Frisbee for some after-lunch fun!

  • If you have young children, spend time in the garden collecting leaves, sticks, flowers, and other things that be turned into a collage or picture. They'll learn about different textures, and it's a wonderful way to get those right brains going, regardless of their Genetic Brain Organisation Profile

  • If the kids want to explore your holiday town you are visiting, give them a budget and then set them the task of finding activities that fit in with the budget. This is a great way to tech children how to manage finances! Hint: do a Google search on “things to do”- you'll be amazed at the upcoming events taking place or places to visit in your area.

Creative Genius

  • Many art shops and art cafes all over the country offer painting, mosaic, and craft courses where kids can learn to create works of art. “The beauty of this option is that it is not terribly expensive but will keep the kids occupied for several hours, and most ages are catered for.” Explains one of our parents

  • Family game evenings are normally a hit, and everyone can get involved. Come on… dust off those board games you have stacked in the cupboard and let the games begin!

  • If you're holidaying with children of different ages, get them to write and act out a play- this is a great way to encourage everyone to play together and let their imaginations and creativity take over

Holiday Cheer

  • If your family celebrates the festive season, make sure that the children are also involved in the pre-festivity preparations. Even the littlest ones can lend a hand with carrying things or stirring!

These are just some ideas that parents have shared with us, tell us how you make the holidays fun for you and your kids - we'd love to hear from you! We wish you and your family a restful and happy festive season and summer break - the EduProfile team will be taking a bit of a rest over December too. We'll be back in the new year with renewed energy (hopefully great tans!) and plenty of new workshops, ideas and techniques to share with you. Look out for our first newsletter of 2010 which will be in your mailbox in late January. We hope you have lots of fun with the kids! Warm regards, Annette & Team

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