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Genetic Brain Profiling is a unique assessment which provides accurate results for children, teenagers and adults. Knowing your profile, as well as those of your family, will help you to choose better suited subjects, careers, sports, activities, hobbies, etc.



  • Identify your natural talents or abilities, whether innate or not
  • Preferred environments and educational situations
  • Possible behavioural & learning difficulties
  • Academic strengths and weaknesses
  • Suitable learning styles for the profile
  • Ideal subject choices & career paths
  • How one perceives both social & educational information
  • Unconcious interpersonal communication styles
  • Causes of stress & handling thereof
  • Relationship needs
  • Possible hyperactive behaviour


*Disclaimer: There are no right or wrong answers. Answer what reflects your true nature and not what you or others want you to be. If answered incorrectly, your results will be inaccurate and you will not be satisfied with your report and miss out on the benefits for your individual profile. 
Children under 14 years of age must be assisted by a competent adult in answering the questionnaire. Do not influence the child by supplying answers, but explain the questions where necessary and provide guidance when appropriate.

Genetic Brain Profile

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