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What to expect from your Edu-Profilogist® 
  • A professional consultation that meets the requirements of the service provided

  • Genetic Brain Profiling should include:

    • A physical or online test

    • An explanation of the brain physiology

    • Interpretation of the profile

    • Commentary on the profile, including advice to handle certain aspects of the profile and answering of questions

    • If applicable: subject choices guidelines, comprehensive career list and general career guidance, "blue score"

  • Additional services to the Genetic Brain Profiling include:

    • Locus Of Control (for specific career guidance)

    • Interest Inventory (for specific career guidance)

    • Individual Career Report

    • Job Matching - matching the "blue score" with specific jobs

  • Study Skills can be either one session or multiple sessions and should include:

    • The definition of studying

    • Effective note taking and summing up

    • How to do revision

    • Memory techniques for long questions

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