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Sweet Dreams is a special track where the child follows the story of a little bird with calm background music and white noise. It is designed to help a child feel safe and secure in their own bed so that sleep can follow naturally. The white noise continues for an hour and gently fades out to prevent startling the child awake with sudden silence.


White noise help to mask disruptive noises while a child falls asleep and during light sleep phases and in doing so prevent noises from interrupting sleep.

Babies have a natural sleep cycle of 45 minutes after which they experience a light sleep phase and sometimes wake up. The white noise on this track continues for an hour so that it can help the child through this light sleep phase and encourage a seamless transition into the next sleep cycle.

Sweet Dreams

SKU: 201
  • All the Edu-Music audio tracks are in mp3 format and are compatible with all electronic devices that have audio or music software.

    The tracks are protected under the copyright law and may not be shared, copied, or distributed. Offenders will be prosecuted.

    Legal use of the tracks include home usage, office usage, and using at school for a classroom at nap time.

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